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Treatment 1: Rapid Flea Killer



Are you dealing with fleas and nothing seems to help? Try Flea Assassin Rapid Flea Killer and be amazed! Our fast-acting flea killing capsules act quickly and hit hard! The treatment starts killing fleas on your pet within 30 minutes and keeps effectively do so for 24 hours. Give your pet a gift of instant relief from fleas! Give them Flea Assassin! 


* Fast acting, starts killing fleas within 30 minutes

* One capsule effectively keeps killing fleas on the pet for 24 hours

* Can be safely given every 24 hours as needed

* Capsules are color coded for your convenience and safety

* Administered orally

* Safe for pregnant and nursing cats and dogs

* Non-toxic

* Priced so much less than name brands while giving you same result

* Do not give to kittens and puppies less than 4 weeks old and/or weighing less than 2 lbs

* Over the counter, no prescription needed

* For Animal Use Only. Not for Human Use

    General Overview:
    Flea Assassin Rapid Flea Killer is a short-duration flea treatment.  It does not prevent fleas from returning.  A single dose should kill the adult fleas on the pet.  If the pet gets reinfested, it is safe to give another dose as often as once per day. Any pet that has fleas should be given a capsule.  However, Flea Assassin Rapid Flea Killer is only part of a total flea management system.  All pets in a household should also be treated with Flea Assassin Monthly Flea Control and Prevention, this treatment does not kill live fleas but prevents the development of new fleas.  This will help stop fleas from reinfesting your pet.  Both Rapid Flea Killer and Monthly Flea Control and Prevention can be used together safely.
    How to use:
    Give one capsule to the pet every 24 hours until you see drastic reduction of flea’s population in the environment. Then reduce frequency to every other day and so forth. Place the capsule directly in your pet's mouth or hide it in food, or open capsule and mix the content in food. If you choose to hide or mix the content of the capsule in food, watch closely to make sure your pet swallows the capsule with food or eat all the food. If you are not sure that your pet got the full dose, it is safe to administer a second capsule. Make sure to treat all animals in the surroundings, or problem will persist. Do not split the capsule to ensure correct dosage, safety and proper functionality. For dogs over 125 lbs give the correct combination of capsules.


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