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Welcome!!! We are happy you found us as now you have the best solution to help your pet to be flea free. We all love our pets but very often many of us realize how expensive it gets to keep our pets flea free. But they are members of our families so we spend our hard earned dollars to make sure our cat or dog don’t suffer anymore. But it shouldn’t be that way. We offer you the safe and inexpensive solution to win your flea battle. FLEA ASSASSIN!

Our treatment method consists of two stages.

Stage 1: Kill live fleas instantly

Stage 2: Kill flea eggs and larvae to keep fleas from reproducing and break the cycle.

We keep our prices very affordable and proud of it. We want every cat or dog to be flea free and want you to be able to afford to buy flea treatment even for that stray that come around once in a while.

Our products are MADE IN AMERICA. We offer free standard shipping on all orders. So make your first order and let flea assassination begin….

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